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It is said, a picture is worth a thousand words, however, if you are an online entrepreneur, it is thought that a picture is worth a thousand sales. The type of picture you select for your product or the site defines how a product will sell. Using poor quality photos will probably lower your sales. When selling online, product photos are important as they effectively communicate to your target audience your product details. The image is what first captures your shopper’s attention as they want to make sure that the product on display will match their expectations regardless of whether they are concerned with a specific color, size, or other qualities.

Photos make your shoppers understand your products better. The only thing that online shopping experience lacks is the opportunity for shoppers to touch or handle a product

physically. However, the use of high-quality product photos shot from multiple angles bridges this gap, as they provide your shoppers with almost all the information they need about the product. When customers are furnished with nearly all the information they need from the product’s photo, they are most likely to come back next time and make a purchase.

A good photo helps in boosting your brand. They not only telegraph your brand but also style it and effectively. It doesn’t matter if your brand is contemporary or kitschy, but the image will help to strengthen the brand and in turn making I more recognizable and famous. In the same breath, with Royal free photos  that are of high quality, your brand is sure to earn customer trust.


Photos increase sale. This is so especially if they are quality images. When spicing up quality photos with useful product copy, you are sure to realize increased sales as well as fewer returns. The more your customers get closer to making a purchase is the more they want more information about the product. Your product, therefore, should be backed by useful product information so that they attract customers into making a purchase. It’s also this information that wins their trust in your brand. Product copy needs to be as original as possible to increase chances of ranking well on various search engines. This information and quality of images are responsible for making shoppers make the decision of buying the product. It is good at creating an informed buying experience which in turn yields fewer returns.

Great product images increase

Great product images increase the likely hood of them being shared across various social media platforms. When an entrepreneur decides to trade online using their e-commerce store, they also look at the benefits of social media in promoting their products and services. Mostly they would use product photos on these platforms. Therefore they need to ensure that the kind of images they use is of high quality as people are more likely to share a high-quality photo more than a low-quality image.

Before using images on your website

Before using images on your website, it is advisable to acquaint yourself with Creative Commons license provisions. Creative Commons is a number of licenses that gives one the right to do reuse or distributing certain types of content such as photos, music and much more. A specific license dictates how you are going to use a specific content, either to derive a work or using it for commercial purposes.

Publishers and e-commerce

Publishers and e-commerce operators immensely benefit from Creative Commons as they make use of licensed Creative Commons images in their websites. Here you can get a lot of images, some which are available free of charge, and when they are used on your e-commerce shop, they are sure to increase sales and boost your brand at absolute nix.